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25 Oct 2022
Discover the amazing factory of Future Stitch 以“未来针迹”织就“袜届艺术品”

Egor Gnutov (张天有)

GCM 2021

Today we visited a Future Stitch socks factory, founded in 2017. The building itself looks very modern from the outside. It also looks good indoors. They even have a small art gallery with some interesting paintings and a huge, 4-story-high mural. 

I was also fascinated by the production process. I’ve never been to a socks factory before, so it was very interesting for me personally to know how they are made. Another noticeable point about this company is that their design is very good. When we went to the exhibition hall, I saw a lot of cool, stylish and sometimes hilarious socks designs. 

Overall, I think this trip was a lot of fun. I hope University will organize more of that kind of activities in the future.

Kylie Gabrielle Bono  (莫开丽)

GCM 2022

Stance gave me a great impression and inspiration of how a great showroom, office, and factory should be managed. Not only the high quality of products, but their energetic vibes and philosophy make everything special.

Kristina Ponamareva

GCM 2022

The thing that surprised me the most is the quality of the socks. I have never seen such high quality socks. Each of the products of Stance is unique and I am happy that we were given a chance to see them!

Punyisa Sittikarnthai  (徐秋月)

GCM 2022

It is a great honor for me to visit Stance, because this is a well-known company that manufactures high-quality socks that are appropriate for all types of sports, as well as for casual attire. The socks are so precisely detailed that we can clearly see a person's face's features. Additionally, the factory and buildings have incredibly impressive exterior and interior designs that are highly distinctive. Furthermore, they value the emotional and physical well-being of their employees and offer facilities like a basketball court and a fitness center so that they can feel more at ease and prepared for work.


16 Jun 2022
Notice of the Arrangements during the Summer Vacation on the International Campus

I. Information for students

1. The summer vacation for undergraduate students is from June 6th to September 9th, while the summer vacation for graduate students is implemented according to the school notice.

2. Registration, opening ceremony and orientation education for international students shall be carried out in accordance with International College’s notice.

3. Sophomore, junior and senior registration, graduate students’ registration will be arranged on September 11. The fall-winter semester begins on September 12.

II. Campus Services

1.Library: During the summer vacation, the library will open from 8:30-17:00 on Monday to Friday and closed on weekends. Contact number is 87572288.

2.IT services: The service hours are 8:30-17:00 on Monday to Sunday. IT HelpDesk will be moved to Campus Service Hub when Library is closed. Service hotline is 87572669.

3.Dining services: From July 5, only the restaurant on the 1F will open and 2F will be temporarily closed. Service hours are 7:30-9:30 for the breakfast, 11:30-13:00 for the lunch and 16:30-18:30 for the dinner. The normal service time will be resume from September 3. 
From June 27, the midnight diner will be closed temporarily. From August 20 when 2022 freshmen enroll and attend beginning education, restaurant open hours of restaurant are subject to availability.

4.Shuttle bus: The shuttle bus between Yuquan Campus and Haining International Campus (via Zijingang Campus) is arranged every morning and evening on weekdays, with the departure time of Yuquan Campus at 7:00 and 16:40, and that of Haining International Campus at 7:00 and 16:40. The International Campus – Hangzhou & Haining Intercity Rail Station shuttle bus is suspended. For specific information, please check the campus operation and service website ( or the Wechat account International Campus Operation Center for more information.

5.Campus Service Hub: Open normally. Service hours are 8:30-17:00 every day. Service number is 87572114.

6.Postal services: Available normally. Service hours are 8:30-17:00 every day. Service number is 87572233.

7.Campus Hospital: Service hours are 8:00-17:00 every day. For medical attention at other times, you can call the emergency duty number 87572120.

8.Gymnasium: Open normally. Open hours are 13:00-21:00.

13 Jun 2022
19 Students from MCS attended the Degree Thesis Viva Examination

On June 10th, the viva voce examination of MCS Class 2020 was held in Lecture Theatre (West) in ZJU International Campus. The viva exam is scheduled according to the requirements of ZJU. We had the Academic Committe of 8 with us on campus while the students giving presentation online.

There were 19 students taking the exam, and their research topics covered economic development, gender studies, film, television, and sports. The exam board consisted of eight senior China studies experts from the School of Humanities, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Public Administration, the School of Philosophy and International Business School.



The programme team first explained the exam requirements to the students. After each student's presentation, the professors would raise questions to test the students’ general comprehension of the field of study and the acquaintance with the general literature of the subject, knowledge of the relation of the work to the wider field.



Results of the exam were announced on the same day. On behalf of all the faculty and staff of the China Studies Program Team, we congratulated the 17 students for successfully passing the viva voce.


10 Jun 2022
News Flash of 3 International Programs

Recently, 3 international programs held admission interviews and proposal presentations and viva voce examination.

May 12                   MCS Class of 2021 thesis proposal presentation

May 17                 GCM Admission Interview

May 19                  MCM Class of 2021 thesis proposal presentation

May 31                  MCS & MCM 2nd Round of Admission Interviews

June 7                    GCM Admission Interview

June 10                  MCS Class of 2020 viva voce examination

1654827886482370.pngRegarding the Lecture Series on China Studies, we once again invited Mr. Douwe van den Oever to give us two exciting lectures.


The 2021-22 academic year will end this week. The project team also introduced the "West Lake Study Abroad Program" to international students. At least 10 companies in Hangzhou kindly offered summer internship opportunities, which include roles such as: project development, external relations, strategy analytics, business translation, etc.


Generally speaking, international students need to return to their home country to work for two years after graduation before they can apply for a foreign work permit in China. International students who take part in the program can directly apply for foreign work permits when they go to Hangzhou for employment in the future.


This month, we also posted MCM's Info Session on the YouTube channel Great Wall CEC (link). You may also check  the video clip in the Overview page.


Our global initiative continues to make progress. We signed a contract with the Brazilian Center for Social and Cultural Research (IBRA China), which represents another important achievement for ZIBS after we successful signed an MoU with the China-Brazilian Entrepreneur Council (CEBC). Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and other guests attended the establishment ceremony of our Latin American Research Center. The event was hosted by Beijing Frontier Financial Regulatory Technology Research Institute and Zhejiang Digital Fintech Federation. Rodrigo, a Brazilian student studying MCS, played a crucial role in the establishment of our Latin American Research Center.


Most of our students were successful in securing internship and job offers. Macedonian student Antonio, Pakistanian student Maria, and Brazilian student Rodrigo played an active role in the various affairs of the university. Graduates of the iMF program achieved excellent employment record. Four students in the first class of iMBA choose to intern or work in the ZIBS ecology.




9 Jun 2022
Paper co-authored by MCS's Academic Director published in Journal of Financial Markets

Recently, the Academic Director of Master of China Studies (MCS), Dr. Wenyu Zhou and his collaborators' paper "Macroeconomics matter: Leading economic indicators and the cross-section of global stock returns" was published online in the Journal of Financial Markets. The paper suggests new evidence for the important role of macroeconomic indicators in stock market yield forecasting.


Journal of Financial Markets publishes high-quality theoretical and empirical research in the financial field, including asset pricing, investment, capital and securities markets, and is recognized as an international authoritative journal in the field. Of the 500 manuscripts submitted each year, less than 40 are accepted by JFM. The acceptance rate is less than 10%. This is the third academic paper that Dr. Zhou published in this journal after working in ZJU.


In the paper, the research team used more than six decades of data from 39 countries around the world to investigate the predictive power of the OECD's comprehensive leading economic indicator (CLI) for national stock markets. The article found that changes in the combined leading economic indicators can significantly predict future stock market yields in countries: monthly stock market yields in the top 20% of CLI index growth rates are 1.43% higher than in the bottom 20% countries, and this excess return cannot be explained by existing asset pricing models. Based on this finding, the article designs investment strategies based on open-ended index funds from different countries.


The following is an abstract of the paper:

Leading economic indicators assist in forecasting future business conditions. Can they also predict aggregate stock returns? To answer this question, we examine six decades of data from 39 countries. Short-term changes in the composite leading indicator (CLI) positively correlate with future stock returns in the cross-section. The quintile of markets with the highest CLI increase outperforms the quintile with the lowest CLI change by 1.43% per month. The predictive power of the CLI survives multiple robustness checks and cannot be absorbed by established risk factors. Our findings imply an exploitable investment strategy that can be pursued with exchange-traded funds.


13 May 2022
33 MCS Students from Class 2021 Successfully Completed Their Viva Voce

On May 12, the 2021 cohort of MCS students successfully completed their viva voce examination of their thesis proposal. There were 33 international students who attended the viva voce online and the board of examiners consisted of 9 professors from different institutions.

The MCS students gave presentations on their research topic, theoretical framework, research methods and thesis structure, covering topics such as "the Belt and Road Initiative", "the 14th Five-Year Plan", green finance, digital industry clusters, and the aging population of China. The examiners provided detailed guidance on how to further develop their research ideas. After the meeting, the MCS program team also shared feedback on the presentations, and encourage everyone to communicate with the tutors more often to ensure that the dissertation is completed on time and written to a high standard.



The MCS students will sit a mid-term progress review this September and submit the first draft of their dissertation in April next year. Congratulations to all for passing the viva voce!