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The Institute of China Studies puts great effort in providing high academic learning in a wide range of Chinese topics to realize students’ full potential as future professionals and academics of China. It is our mission to become internationally recognized as an institution producing qualified graduates that can critically examine, analyze, and work with the global challenges facing both China and the world. We, therefore, build partnerships with other educational institutions, organizations, government departments, and the private sector who share the same values in developing and impacting the world society.

To successfully accomplish our mission, we focus on 3 key aspects:

Versatile teachers:

Our professors come from various departments and countries but all of them bring with them special expertise in their own fields of China. This is to ensure that the knowledge transmitted to the students is both profound and practicable in a real-world setting.      

Staff & student cooperation: 

ZJU works closely with its international students to create mutual understanding in creating the perfect multi-cultural environment for comprehensive educational experience.   

Contact with the community: 

We, along with the students, interact with the local communities to give students thorough and technical acquaintance of field practice in the Chinese society.