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The Institute of China Studies aspires to educate students through interdisciplinary curriculum and in-depth field research in contemporary China’s political, economic, historical, and societal context. The ICS offers various class organization forms, allowing students to work analytically and gain a well-round understanding of China, via lectures, seminars, tutorial session, online class, office hour and field trips. Within the first semester of the academic year, students are encouraged to set up effective academic mentorship with ICS’s advisors to receive further information and guideline for academic plan. The primary instruction language is English, with a rigorous Mandarin curriculum serving as an additional component to enhance students' Chinese proficiency.


Number of courses:41

Number of students recruited since 2010: 600+

Number of partner university: 25

Number of students’ origin nationality: 70+


Programs we offer:

Master of China Studies

Master of China Studies (Youth of Excellence Scheme of China)


China Studies in China

“China Studies in China” is built on the idea that international students should be able to interact and communicate with the local community by learning to speak Mandarin Chinese, the standard spoken language in Mainland China. It is a vital element to the MCS program as proficiency in the Chinese language allows for a much more profound comprehension of Chinese culture, history and society. Mandarin Chinese, thus, functions as the common link between students and China. Today’s China highly values the practical knowledge and language proficiency that MCS graduates are able to bring with them both to the academic world and the job market, because they create the multicultural environment where diversity can flourish. 

Diversity is Valued at the Institute of China Studies

We respect and value individuals from all races, ethnic backgrounds, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, and other diverse perspectives and individual differences. Further, we are committed to tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect everywhere within our community and we affirm our promise to make the Institute of China Studies a welcoming place for all.