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YES Program

Youth of Excellence Scheme of China (YES China)—Master Program is a high-level Master program with Chinese government scholarship, which is to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between China and other countries, and to provide education opportunities to the youths worldwide who enjoy good potentials in their career development.

Program Overview

The Chinese Government established the “Scholarship for Youth of Excellence Scheme of China – Master Program (YES China)” with the aim of providing financial support to young professionals pursuing a Master’s degree. The Institute of China Studies Master’s degree at Zhejiang University was elected among 7 leading Chinese universities to carry out the YES-Program successfully.


Program Goals

Institute of China Studies engages YES students through participatory teaching approaches, with an emphasis on studying the issues in contemporary China from the perspective of Chinese tradition and cross-cultural comparison. INSTITUTE OF CHINA STUDIES-YES is designed to allow graduates to acquire the knowledge of modern Chinese business, media, policy, communication, culture and arts. Proficiency in mandarin Chinese is essential for anyone who wants to understand China. Alongside core classes the INSTITUTE OF CHINA STUDIES will provide intensive language courses both elementary and intermediate levels.    

Program Duration

One year

Coverage of the scholarship: Full Scholarship

1.Tuition waiver;
2. Free accommodation on campus;
3. Stipend(granted in accordance with relevant standard);
4. Comprehensive Medical Insurance. 


Degree requirements

Institute of China Studies offers a one-year length Master of China Studies Degree under the framework of YES China Program. To obtain the degree a completion of minimum of 24-credits courses and lectures are required. This also includes the final thesis of no less than 20,000 words approved by the Institute's Committee.

When and how to apply

Application deadline: April 15th, 2024
Applicants must log in to the CSC Online Application System for Study in China (Link), clearly fill in and upload complete application materials as required;

and International Admission System of Zhejiang University (Link)

*The scholarship is Type A in the CSC system, the agency number is 1563.



1.Applicants (under 45 years old) must be non-Chinese citizens with good physical and psychological health.
2.Bachelor degree or above, with at least 3 years’ work experience. Those with related education or working background will be preferred.
3.Applicants must be senior governmental officials, senior management staff of institutions and enterprises, administrative staff of colleges and universities, or those with work experience or internship in International Organizations.

4.Pre-admission notice from Zhejiang University. Applicants who would like to apply for Pre-admission Notice must log in to the Online Application System for International Students, Zhejiang University (Link) to complete online application by filling in required information. After completing online application, ZJU Application Form should be downloaded and sent to Email address for Master’s Degree Program: Zhejiang University will issue Pre-admission notice to qualified applicants who meet university’s academic requirements.

Documents for application 

1. A photocopy of passport.
2. Highest degree certificates. 
3. Academic transcripts.
4. Language proficiency certificates. 
5. Certificate of employment or proof of work experience.
6. Personal statement.
7. Two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors. (Professors’ signature, contact phone number and email address must be put on the letter.)
Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form(Click the filename to download),the examination results are valid for 6 months.
9. Non-Criminal Record Certificate, valid for 6 months.

Program brochure

MCS-YES Leaflet 2024.pdf


1.Students of the YES China Program are managed according to the relevant regulations of Chinese Government Scholarship. 
2.The International College of Zhejiang University is responsible for the interpretation of the scholarship granting procedures and regulations.