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Public Courses
Basic Courses
Module Courses
Mandarin Electives
                The public courses are offered by the International College and are mandatory to all foreign graduates at Zhejiang University
5002001Public Chinese (Beginner/Intermediate)2 Cr.
5002001China Survey3 Cr.
Note: MCS students are exempt from the public course “China Survey” because the content is already covered in the MCS curriculum. All students still need to submit the required report in order to obtain the 3 credits
                Basic courses teach the fundamentals in conducting research with lessons on how to do fieldwork, writing academic papers and reports. These courses should prepare students for the initial phase of their thesis. Basic courses also consist of a series of comprehensive lectures on various Chinese topics given by ZJU professors and visiting professors with comprehensive knowledge and expertise within certain areas of China.
0421A01Social Research Methods2 Cr.
0421A02Intercultural Competence2 Cr.
0421A03Academic Writing1 Cr.
0421A04Series of Overseas China Studies2 Cr.
0421A05Lecture Series of China Studies1 Cr.
0421A06China Studies Seminar (YES program only)4 Cr.
0421A07Practice in China (YES program only)2 Cr.
Note: students may apply for exemption from the courses Social Research Methods and Academic Writing upon presenting documentation of proficient knowledge and competence of the content of the courses.
                In addition to the public and basic courses, all students can also take module courses to fulfil the required credits for their graduation. Students can choose either to follow one specialization or combine courses from different specializations in line with their academic interests. One-year students are required to take at least 12 credits in module courses, while two-year students are required 16 credits. Courses with * are taught in Chinese).

History & Civilization

0421B01History of Chinese Civilization2 Cr.
0421B02Modern China: Culture and Society2 Cr.
0421B03Chinese Intellectual History*2 Cr.
0421B04Chinese Modern Literature*2 Cr.
0421B05Chinese Heritage and Leisure Life2 Cr.
0421B06Topic on Introduction to the Art of China1 Cr.
0421B07Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy2 Cr.
0421B08Topic on Chinese Philosophy and Tradition in Transcultural Perspectives1 Cr.

Society & Life

0421C01Media China: Social Control & Social Change2 Cr.
0421C02Music, Art and Youth Culture in China2 Cr.
0421C03Women, Media, and Chinese Society1 Cr.
0421C04Cultural Memory and Contemporary China2 Cr.
0421C05Family and Society in Contemporary China2 Cr.
0421C06Topic on Contemporary Chinese Education1 Cr.
0421C07Topic on Chinese Film Studies*1 Cr.

Transformation & Development

0421D01In Process of Modernization: Local Society in Contemporary China2 Cr.
0421D02Social Policy and Social Security in China2 Cr.
0421D03China's Enterprise Management2 Cr.
0421D04History of Chinese Revolution2 Cr.
0421D05Topic on Chinese Foreign Policy*1 Cr.
0421D06Topic on China’s Economic Development1 Cr.
0421D07Topic on Chinese Business Culture2 Cr.
                It is a fundamental component of the MCS program that students engage in the Chinese language both in- and outside of the classes. The Mandarin Electives provide the framework for students to improve their Chinese proficiency and it is a necessary complement to broaden and deepen the understanding of the contents from the module courses. Mandarin courses are provided at elementary, intermediate, and advanced level:
0423M01Listening & Speaking (I)2 Cr.
0423M02Listening & Speaking (II)2 Cr.
0423M03Chinese Characters Learning2 Cr.

0423M05Elementary Chinese Writing Intermediate Chinese Writing2 Cr.
0423M06Advanced Chinese2 Cr.
0423M07Chinese News and Articles2 Cr.