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YES Program
Youth of Excellence Scheme of China (YES China)—Master Program is a high-level Master program with Chinese government scholarship, which is to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between China and other countries, and to provide education opportunities to the youths worldwide who enjoy good potentials in their career development.
Master of China Studies
The MCS Program is specially crafted to prepare graduates to work with China as a professional career or for further research in a doctoral degree in interrelated fields, with a solid foundation in Chinese language, society, culture, history, arts, and training in methodology on conducting fieldwork.
Mandarin Elective Courses
The Mandarin Elective Courses at Institute of China Studies offers comprehensive and practical language instruction from beginning, intermediate to advanced levels on a semester basis. The instruction meets multiple needs by people with various background.

The ideal experience learning and living in China

Institute of China studies (ICS), Zhejiang University, is the first institute granting Master's Degree in China Studies in Mainland China. ICS gets it all--fully English instruction, no linguistic barriers when absorbing knowledge; full scholarship and multiple research/practicum funds for academic programs; immersed, individualized, small scale Chinese linguistic instruction; inspiring faculties; dynamic international campus culture.


Thesis Proposal Defense for Class 2020 One Year Students of MCS
Introduction to China’s Diplomacy: “China’s foreign policy in the New Era”
Interview with Robert Wilson-Winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics
MCS 2021 Admission Over View
University of Turin Thesis Defense
Thesis Proposal Defense for Class 2020 One Year Students of MCS

The Thesis Proposal Defense for Class 2020 One Year Students of Institute of China Studies in Zhejiang University had been held from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM on May 21st, 2021. This is also the first online Thesis Proposal Defense held by the Institute of China Studies. The academic advisors of the Institute of China Studies, Zhang Xingkui, Zhou Wenyu, Shao Hui, Lin Ka, Francesco Silvestri, Thomas Whyke and Professor Ponzini (Teachers' representative of Turin University) co-chaired the Evaluation Committee for Proposal Defense of Master of Chinese Studies.

A total of 18 students from the Institute of China Studies participated in this defense. The students are also mainly from the partner universities: Turin University in Italy, Fribourg University in Switzerland and Kiel University in Germany. They were divided into two groups to report thesis topic and introduce research purpose, literature review and research plan. Students' thesis topic, from China's diplomatic relations (political issue) to digital currency (financial issue), from Chinese gender issue to local sci-fi literature, from overseas Chinese immigrant family evolution to  individual identity, had wide coverage and deep breakthrough point. Each student was well prepared. They were made comments and offered suggestions one by one by the Evaluation Committee. 

The students who participated in the defense said that the Master of Chinese Studies program deepened their understanding of China, and they could get an in-depth understanding of all aspects of China by this research practice, and explore their favorite topics for research. 

They believed that although they did not live in China, they could have point-to-point discussions with tutors of MSC and conduct down-to-earth and in-depth research, which helped them to understand the problems in contemporary China from the source and the causes of their formation, and helped them to have a more three-dimensional cognition of the dynamic trends in China and the world. After communicating with the experts, they said that they would continue to improve their research proposal, believing that the research process would become their valuable wealth and lead them to a better future.

Introduction to China’s Diplomacy: “China’s foreign policy in the New Era”

Patricio Giusto, Visiting Professor at Zhejiang Universit and Associate Professor and Researcher at Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, offered a new course "China's Foreign Policy in the New Era" in China Studies of Zhejiang University in March 2021.

Patricio Giusto is a PhD candidate in International Studies of Di Tella University, a master of China Studies with the YES China Program of Zhejiang University and a master in Public Policies of Latin American Social Sciences Institute in Argentina. He is also an Executive Director of the Observatory on China-Argentina Relations, a member of the Council on International Relations of Argentina, a political advisor at the National Senate of Argentina and a regular contributor to international and local media.

Patricio Giusto introduced China’s foreign policy from 1949 to 1989 to the students in the first class, which included the changes of Chinese foreign policy tendencies between China and the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


This course will also involve China’s foreign policy from 1989 to 2013, core ideas and objectives of Xi Jinping’s foreign policy in light of the “two centenary goals”, and the development of Sino-US diplomatic relations. 

At the end of this course, students will be required to write a short essay to deepen their understanding of China’s foreign policy by personally analyzing a field of current cooperation between China and their countries after learning the knowledge of China’s diplomatic history.


Interview with Robert Wilson-Winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics

Robert Wilson, winner of 2020 Nobel Prize in economics and famous expert in game theory B. He Lianzhen, vice president of Zhejiang University, delivered a speech on behalf of Zhejiang University. Ben Shenglin, Dean of the school of international business of Zhejiang University, and Zhang Zhizhou, vice president of Zhejiang Euramerican Association and CEO of Dunhe Asset Management Co., Ltd. participated in the topic discussion at Kanglu, the site of Zhejiang Euramerican Association. Assistant Professor Chen Hongyi, director of master of finance of Zhejiang University International Business School, presided over the activity.


This interview was conducted in English. Professor Robert Wilson shared his views on the improvement of auction theory and innovation of auction form based on his excellent academic attainments in game theory. Ben Shenglin, Dean of the school of international business of Zhejiang University, and Zhang Zhizhou, vice president of Zhejiang European and American Students Association, interact with Robert Wilson online around their current situation in economic, financial and other fields. In the Q & a session, Shao Hui, assistant professor of International Business School of Zhejiang University, and Professor representatives of School of management also asked questions one after another. The online and offline audience and guests had a warm interaction and an active atmosphere.

MCS 2021 Admission Over View

    The Master of China Studies is a MA-level degree program with a strong focus on China’s political, economic, historical, and societal context. Its interdisciplinary curriculum allows you to work analytical and gain an in-depth understanding of China. Zhejiang University Business School (ZIBS), partnering with the Institute of China Studies infuses business trends into the long-standing China Studies program.



    Starting from 2021, preserving the original track of Chinese Culture and Society (CCS), a new track as Chinese Business Studies (CBS) will be introduced within China Studies Program. The aim of CBS is to cultivate China’s business expertise with global perspective and intercultural competence through a solid theoretical foundation and excellent business experience. The interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to work analytically, and to gain an in-depth understanding of China.






CBS Features



Program Format

2-year’s Master program






    Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health with no infectious disease or any physical or mental diseases that may affect the normal study, have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 40 (Age limit is flexible for healthy applicants with certain work experience and high academic ability).


2.Application Duration

    From now on to Mar.31, 2021



 Fees and Finance Aid



Tuition & Fee




8,000/10 months


Medical Insurance



Application Fee

800 yuan




    In the immense seek of young talented students all across the globe, Zhejiang University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for international students to pursue their degree in the Master of China Studies Program.

    • Zhejiang University Scholarship Type A

    • Zhejiang University Scholarship Type B

    • Chinese Government Scholarship Sino-U.S elations Program

    • MOFCOM Scholarship


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University of Turin Thesis Defense

On November 29, 2019, master’s thesis defense was held at the University of Turin in Italy for Italian students of the Zhejiang University China Studies Center’s “To China” master’s degree program. Zhang Xingkui, the main academic instructor of the China Studies Center, along with Professor Andornino Giovanni, Professor Gabusi Giusappei, and other faculty members of the University of Turin, served as expert reviewers for the Master of China Studies students.


24 students participated in the master’s thesis defense and reported on their academic research. After providing a brief overview of their theses to the defense committee and mentors, the students reported on their research goals, process, and results. Each student conducted a survey as part of their research and utilized data analysis to support their research results.

The thesis topics of the defending students covered a wide range of topics and current events, including the differences between Chinese and Italian wine culture, the beautiful countryside of Zhejiang, and the China dream’s influence on China’s economy and on western economies. Each student was well-prepared and responded effectively to the defense committee’s questions. After a comprehensive review by the defense committee, all students passed their defenses.


The University of Turin “To China” program is a master’s program hosted by the China Studies Center of Zhejiang University. Each year, a group of outstanding Italian students spend a year studying and living in China at Zhejiang University before returning to Italy to continue their studies. The class of 2019 students stated that the China Studies program not only deepened their understanding of China but also gave them the opportunity to explore and adapt to the cultural differences between China and the West. The students also found that being able to conduct in-depth research and ground-level investigation helped them to understand their research subjects more thoroughly and to develop a more three-dimensional understanding of the dynamic trends affecting China and the world. The students will continue their studies after their thesis defenses, and their accomplishments will propel them to bright futures.

    Key Note

    Since 2008, the Master of China Studies Program has granted a master’s degree to more than 450 students from 50+ countries. In addition, our program has signed a partnership with more than 25 universities all over the world, including the University of Oxford, UCLA, Free University of Berlin and etc.

  • Joerg Hoefer

    During the two years program of the MCS program I had the unique opportunity to meet brilliant people with many different cultural backgrounds but one thing in common - the enthusiasm for China. While the inter-disciplanry curriculum is focused on providing an understanding of China's history, culture, economics and language, the MCS program supports you in exploring China first-hand and directly apply what you have learned e.g. during my research project leading through whole China.

  • Maria Gpe. Bojorquez-Gomez
    As a two-year MCS student, I benefit from the resources and attention of the university for my academic and personal growth. During my time in the China Studies Program, I have learned immensely about China, particularly about Chinese history. Not only have our professors exposed us to various Chinese ways of life during class excursions, but the MCS has also taken measures to assure our understanding of China through lectures and regional trips. The weekly Chinese language courses and MCS library have also deepened my personal understanding of Chinese culture. I look forward to continue my studies with the support of the university throughout my thesis research and internship experience. 
  • Marian Slocum

    The MCS program has provided me with an invaluable multifaceted learning experience in an incredibly dynamic environment. The program provides numerous opportunities to explore China in and out of the classroom by organizing field trips that allow us to experience what we've been studying. My favorite trip was for a class called "In the Process of Modernization: Local Society in Modern China", where we discussed different aspects of how rapid development has effected smaller cities and towns across China. The professor of the course took us to her hometown, outside of Hangzhou, and we had the opportunity to interview local government officials and learn about their plans for future development of the city including how they plan to address environmental concerns of residents and tackle the various consequences of rapid industrialization.

  • Vanya Padalova
    China is a country and a culture that we all need to learn about, but if we are lucky, we would get to experience it, and that is incomparable! And what better way to do that than Masters IN China! Coming to China all the way from your cozy home might be overwhelming because it requires you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace something new and completely different. Sometimes it is not that easy, but if you do, you learn, you get hurt, you experience, you understand, you grow! The China Studies department in ZJU have done their best to ensure that they prepare us well and help us on the way to understanding this amazing new world. Being a Zhejiang University student has given me a lot of great opportunities and it has changed my life for good!
  • Mindaugas Cesnavicius
    China Studies master degree program is much more than just an academic knowledge about China. It is new friends from all around the world, opportunities to travel and discover, food to taste and enjoy, convenient environment to study, facilities to grow mentally and physically, new things to learn and experience, helpful and sincere staff, amazing days and unforgettable nights. All in all, for me it is adventure of the lifetime, which happens in China.
  • Petrus Pajunen

    I am 24-year-old university student from Finland, majoring Automation and Systems Technology. I visited in ZJU for a student exchange program at Autumn semester 2016 and now my master studies are almost completed. I learned facts about China and of course improved my language skills. Moreover, my experience about living and studying in Chinese University will be valuable because my future work is closely related to Chinese companies. Besides studying and hectic working life, I especially enjoy jogging in mystic forests, doing parkour in city centrum and smiling to foreigners I meet at streets.

  • Brian Lee

    "The MCS program is unique both in its broad scope and its approach to the China Studies field. Instead of being based on Euro-American academic models, the program constantly challenges students to engage with China on the local level. I'm grateful for the scholarship opportunities to do hands-on research and collaborate with scholars from around the world. I'm especially appreciative of the personal and professional relationships cultivated with the greater MCS community. The continued investment of resources means that the MCS program will continue to evolve at an impressive rate. As an alumnus, I look forward to future development a creative and innovative program."